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Do you have experience from fishing Atlantic salmon in multiple rivers? Do you find it easy to catch a salmon? Are you a beginner or an advanced fisherman who wants overall experience and a lot of new knowledge about fly fishing salmon during your trip, instead of only easy catches? If you answer yes to one of these questions, you should come to fly-fish Atlantic salmon in the Teno river.

Teno river is one of the world´s best Atlantic salmon rivers. Teno is marking the border between Finland and Norway. The river is well-known for its big salmons, every summer fishermen catch many salmons over 20 kg. 7-12 kg salmons are common in Teno.

Height of water and other fishing conditions are changing all the time. Salmon has been fished for a long time from Teno and the evolution has made salmon very careful and they do not take flies easily. Therefore it is difficult to catch salmon in Teno, especially when the fish weights more than 7kg. This is a great and rewarding challenge and teaching experience for every fishermen!

Teno is a big river, and therefore rowing is the most common fishing method on the river. Local people are allowed to catch salmon also by nets. 

If you want a big challenge to get the big salmon flies, let me know about it! I am guiding fly fishermen from both sides of the river. I have fished salmon in the river actively for over ten years and guiding fishermen seven years. I have a good knowledge of the places where it is possible to catch big salmon from the bank. My guiding area is about 70km long starting from Levajoki-area and ending to Nuorgam-area.

Big area includes good fishing places in every conditions. Fishing rules gives a good opportunity to go fish in those places. Wiht one license fly-fishermen are allowed to fish in almost everywhere on the river.

Please contact me by e-mail. My main partner in full service trips is Tenon Tunturituvat from Lavejoki-area. I can also organize a cottage for you in the best possible place paying an attention to dominant fishing conditions. Please notice a high demand of cottages in season time. Early reservation gives the best opportunity to get the best cottage for your needs.

More information about salmon fishing and the rules in english can be found at Teno-info https://www.ely-keskus.fi/documents/10191/57368/Tenoinfo_ENG+2014+-vedos2.pdf/65d0d5ea-af5a-4817-8231-f38cb288a0ac

Welcome to fly-fish salmon in the Teno River!

Best Regards 

Harri Paananen